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Indexed URLs - only one row returns

Im unable to pull Indexed URL count by date from GWT Search console. The query returns only one row of data with some arbitrary date:


Here is the query parameters:

Date range: Last month

Metrics: Indexed URLs

Split by (rows): Date

Max # of rows: 50

Query ID: fay0VyPBbjOysuyLAtBvhf9DbH1fdP

Thank you!

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Hi Ksenia,

I had another user reported something similar with trying to get indexed URLs from Google Search Console, so there may be a larger issue with that. I already escalated the other case to the development team, so I will add your report to that.

If possible, can you send us a screenshot that confirms in Google Search Console that there is Indexed URL data? This is just to help the devs make sure it's not a GWT problem with not having data.

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

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