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Canvas Metrics for Facebook


We're working a lot with Supermetrics to make up reports for customers and now I have to make a report about canvas-ads. 

In Facebook, there are three different metrics meant for canvas-ads: Canvas View Time, Canvas View Percentage & Canvas Component Time Percentage. However, I can't find these metrics in Supermetrics. 

Is there a different name for these metrics? Or are these metrics left out (if so, why)?

I'm unable to make a report via Supermetrics for this customer at this moment.

Thank you in advance! 



  • Hi Bobby,

    just heard from our development team that canvas metrics will be added in Q1/2018 -so shouldn't take long now.

    You'll receive an update about these on our monthly newsletter.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hey Supermetrics,

    We're in Q3 now but this still doesn't seem to be an option. Do you have an ETA for this?



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