Error on Requesting Data

God this error while trying to add facebook ad as data source ( Premium account ) 


  • Hi Santosh,

    The "No Data" query result is coming straight from the data source API you're fetching data from.

    This usually happens when the query has a (comparison) date range that does not bring back data. 

    Case example: 
    You've created a Scorecard, set the default date range to last 28 days, and set the comparison option to Previous period.
    Your ads have existed for only 1 month.

    In this case the query fetches data for the past two months (date range + comparison), and if there is not data for the whole period of time, you will end up with an error.
    This functionality is set by Google, and there's unfortunately nothing we can do about it. 
    We expect them to improve this soon, as Data Studio is under constant development.

    Try changing the date range, and/or removing the comparison.


    If this doesn't help clear the error, then please let us know so we can take the next step to check the file itself.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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