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Hey there,

I understand that the API is 'open for testing'. As a prospective customer, are there any plans on making this API a product on it's own? Or will this always be included in the subscription package for the Datastudio and GoogleSheets connectors?



  • Hi Miah,

    thanks for your question.

    We still have some final touches to be added to Supermetrics API before launching it as a product. In other words, yes, it will be a product of it's own. For now it is open for beta testing to everyone who's interested.

    You can access our API query builder at There you can create an API account, log in to data sources, and create queries. For each query, you get a URL that you can then use where ever you want to have the data.

    We are developing connectors to various data analysis & visualisation tools. Currently we support Tableau (instructions here: It's also possible to use these query URLs in an ETL process to bring data into your data warehouse.

    Instructions for the API tools can be found here:

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics team

  • Hey Heidi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Are there any estimates for both the time of rollout of this as a product, and also how much the subscription would cost? 

    Also, are there any plans to offer a package deal of say the datastudio connector with the API tool at a reduced cost?

    The reason I ask is because my company is planning on subscribing to the datastudio connector product, but whilst undergoing a business case we have discovered that you also offer an API which we will definitely find useful.

    Happy to take offline if need be.



  • Hi Miah,

    regarding API pricing I cannot say yet, it has not been finalized. The Supermetrics API product will be released within months, most likely before the end of Q1/2018.

    Package deals are possibly an option. This is however still on the planning table, no decisions have yet been forwarded. We will likely offer a promotion code for buying many products, at least.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics team

  • Dear Team,

    could you please share an update on when the API will be a final product?
    We want to use it in a reporting project for a big client of our agency but
    I have 2 concerns to do that:

    1. I have no idea what using the API will cost in the future (we are willing to pay but would need to know the costs for our calculations of course).
    2. I can't be sure that the create queries will still work when the product is finalized.

    It would be great if you could help to clarify these concerns.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Thomas,

    Finally, we've got news on the Supermetrics API! We're on the verge of launching it from beta into a commercial product. We've just received permission to start selling it as a customised plan according to client needs, with an early bird price. At this stage, API licenses will be sold as a yearly contract, and payment method is bank transfer.

    To receive a quote on Supermetrics API for your company, please reach out to our sales team via this contact form.

    On the Message field of the form, would be great if you could provide a description on the Supermetrics API usage purpose for your business, and answer the following questions.

    1. Which environment do you want to export the Supermetrics API query results to? (DWH, BI-tool, other?)
    2. Please mention the data sources you connect to using Supermetrics API and the approximate number of ad accounts per advertising network
    3. What is the refresh interval you require?


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Hi Heidi,

    thanks a lot. I've done that :)

    Kind regards,

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