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Hi, if I wanted to allow others to log in to a GSheet dashboard and/or Data Studio, would they need to have a Supermetrics license to be able to change date ranges of the data? Or do I only need a license for myself to connect all the data points and then viewers of the dashboard/reports can change date rages without needing supermetrics?



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Hi Jes,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets is a user specific product, which means that a license is linked to one Google account. 

A Sheet can be viewed by any authorized person, but modifications (date range) require a license.

With Supermetrics for Data Studio you can build a Team, where all members use one license. 

Reports can also be shared with desired emails, and dates can be changed in View mode if there is a Date control set up, even if the viewer does not have a Supermetrics license.

Please see product comparison below:


Best regards,

Supermetrics team

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