Difference between page_comments and post_comments_on_post

Hello everyone. I hope you can help me. 

I don´t understand what is the difference between the page_comments and post_comments_on_post metrics.


If I add the comments of all the posts in a month, they do not coincide with the data that the metric page_comments gives me.


Thank you

  • Hi,

    I'm assuming you are talking about Facebook? You should be able to check the Facebook API to find the differences.



    But simply speaking, a page comment is a post to a page. A post comment on a post is a reply to a post (which is not a page).

    If the page_comments value in the source UI is not the same as what you see from Supermetrics, please send us a private ticket that has either the file or a link to the file with the Functions queries. Mark the queries with the issue for example by changing the colour of the cells in to red and write us thorough explanations of the issue.

    Also add in a screenshot of the results you see in tools that you should get with Supermetrics.

    -Thank You

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi there!

    We're having the same question, but didn't quite catch the answer.

    What else does page_comments include besides post_comments_on_post?

    Exactly how do they differ?


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