Adobe Analytics Custom Metrics Not being populated/corrupted

Noticed this morning custom metrics seem to be having problems with the add-on.  Observing the following issues:

  • Building a new query will not have custom metrics listed. Also, made sure to wait until the loading custom fields message has disappeared
  • Modifying existing queries with custom metrics, the listed custom metrics now look different (name plus perhaps api element/object? -- attached screenshot). If you refresh the query, it will return errors for custom metrics values.

Couple items of note:
  • Tried logging out and logging back into the Adobe account via the add-on
  • Custom segments are being pulled in fine

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  • Seems this issue is no longer occurring.  Perhaps it was something on the Adobe side.

  • I'm having this same issue today. Any workarounds?

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  • Tassia,

    I have been able to get around this by logging in and out of the account a couple times (seems to eventually sort itself out), but have a private open ticket with them trying to solve the issue.  Looks like I clicked solved too soon. Pretty frustrating as it causes the sheet to become unreliable on auto-refreshes.

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