Custom Conversion Names & Values


I want to create a couple reports with Custom conversion names and their respective conversion values. One will be at Campaign level and the other at Adset level.

I've seen the other existing threads on this also



In both, you have mentioned "Conversion Specs" as the main parameter to break the report on by rows. 

However, this is just NOT giving me "Custom Conversion name" , it;s giving only IDs like the following

Conversion Specs:


So questions below:

1. How can I get the report I want with Custom Conversion name?

2. How to map conversion ID - names above with the data coming out currently?

  • Hi Adam,

    this doesn't seem to be possible through Facebook Ads API. You can confirm it yourself from the available metrics and dimensions list at

    If my memory serves me correctly, you can see the conversion id's from your own FB Ads page and I believe you should be able to do a spreadsheet function that picks up a value of the list of conversion names and id's that you have manually made in to the sheet, then show the name value when Ad Conversion specs has the matching Id number. For this we unfortunately do not have instructions as that's up to Google Sheets / it's functions.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • "Actions" was the keyword guys! That's the metric that gives custom conversion ID

    We pulled the ID from there and did a Vlookup. 

    I was asking for the right metric and not for functional help. 

    Found "Actions" using this post which has already been helped -

  • Hi Adam,

    great to hear that you found the solution. Sorry that I didn't come to my mind.

    Best regards,
    -Supermetrics Team

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