Pricing for Data Studio Individual Connectors

They cost $19 per month but are only good for 3 ad accounts per ad network?

Example: Say I work with 6 clients that all have facebook ads. Would I have to pay for two facebook connectors per month (total of $38 each month) so that I could service all six of those clients? or is it 3 facebook accounts per data studio report (meaning unlimited reports/clients but only 3 facebook accounts per report??)

  • Hi Michael,

    we do not enforce account restrictions yet. When we start to, you'll have options to purchase extra account access packages on top of your current license. They will be cheaper than for example buying 2 similar licenses (to get access to 4-6 accounts) but we do not have pricing details for you yet.

    The restriction is not limited to your reports. You can make as many different dashboards for each account as you need.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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