Facebook ads CTR no longer accurate in Datastudio


We are using the community connector in Datastudio for Facebook ads to generate our client reports.  As of about a week ago, we noticed that CTR in Datastudio does not reflect the values we see on Facebook.  As a short-term workaround, we have created a custom metric using a formula.  However, this is time-consuming and in our previous round of report creation, the metrics were accurate. 

Is this a bug? or a symptom of changes being made to Datastudio?  Is there a way to correct this aside from the previously mentioned workaround?

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • Thanks for reporting this. Data Studio recently changed how they handle percentage values, and this new logic had been misconfigured for some fields in our system, causing DS to show for example 0.02 % when it should show 2 %. 

    This has now been fixed for any new queries. Due to caching, existing queries may continue to show the wrong values for a couple of hours. Our apologies for the problem.

  • To continue about this topic, we are now having a similar issue. When the CTR on Facebook is 0,28% and DS is now showing 0.00. Might this have something to do with this?

  • We can't reproduce the issue here. Can you please share the DS report with support@supermetrics.com so we can take a look? Thanks.

  • Any feedback on this ? I have exactly the same issue. 


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