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Facebook Ad Manager + Google Data Studio Integration

Hi , 

I have been trying to use Google Data Studio to create a Facebook digital marketing report for a client however, the data shown on Google Data Studio does not match the data displayed on the Facebook Ads Manager interface. 

For example, the cost per app install (CPI) shown on GDS is almost 10x higher than the CPI shown on FB Ads Manager 

I am confused by this because I used Supermetrics to integrate data from Facebook Ads Manager with the Google Data Studio. 

Has anyone experienced any problems similar to this?  Is there any advice someone can give to me on solving this problem? 

Thanks in advance, 


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Hi Amani,

We found a bug caused by a change made in Data Studio itself that was causing these kinds of metrics from Facebook to be inaccurate. See this other forum post for a little more info:

This has been fixed so please reload the connector and verify if the values are now showing correctly.

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

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