Facebook Ads: Overall Reach Filter problem

In Google Data Studio I'm testing the Supermetrics plugin Facebook Ads and I encountered a problem:

I want to pull overall reach but filter for certain adsets. However, when I filter for those adsets, reach is then calculated by summing the reach metrics of each individual ad set, and gives a larger total than it's supposed to be. This causes double counting in the actual people we've reach overall.

Are you already aware of this bug and trying to fix it/work around? :)

Thank you very much in advanced!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for letting us know. We are aware that there are some discrepancies due to the format of the current Facebook API, but it is always good to get specific feedback.

    I'll be sure to forward this to our development team for further actions.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics Team

  • We too are having the same issue when incorporating filters or combining two filters. 

    Has this matter been resolved or in progress?

  • Hi Brady,

    The original issues with Reach have been fixed about a month back.

    Reach is a very sensitive metric, as it is always about unique people who have seen your content. You can split reach by for example FB pages, posts, campaigns or time ranges and get separate reach values for these. But the one thing you cannot do, is to sum reach of for example different campaigns. If this was allowed, you would get a false reach value as it could count the same user multiple times and the reach number would show higher than it actually is.

    If you apply filters to your queries, you are also then splitting your data by those rules. If you filter by say the campaign name, and the filter matches 2 campaigns, a reliable reach value is not displayed as the reach value of 2 campaigns can't be summed.

    This is the current state of Facebook API. If you need to filter out certain campaigns or ad set, I recommend you to look at the results one by one.

    Hoping there will be some improvements on Facebook side!


    Supermetrics team

  • Hi Supermetrics Team,

    I want to display the total unique reach of my Facebook ad campaigns using Score Card, but connector just seems to add up the reach for individual campaigns. 

    Has any solution for this been found? 



  • Hi Zeeshan,

    Sorry to hear you've seen some discrepancies in your queries. As those kinds of issues require sharing of sensitive information, could you please create a private support ticket. Thanks!


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Hi Supermetrics Team,

    just to make sure I got it right: It's currently not possible to display accurate reach data when using filters, as the facebook API doesn't work that way?

    Since reach is one of our most used KPIs that's pretty unfortunate.

    Are there any workarounds known to you? Maybe by fetching data from Google Sheets instead of directly from facebook API?

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Tilman,

    The problems in accuracy only relate to summarising data, when using a filter. So if you grab reach into a score card without filters, all should work just fine, and equally if you use a table graph and skip using the Summary Row option, then you should get the correct values.

    Supermetrics for Google Sheets does in deed work in a more reliable way when using filters, so that can also be an option if you have signed up for that product.

    If you seem to keep seeing discrepancies, please reach out via a private support ticket. Thanks!


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  •  Hi Supermetrics Team,

    I still found this issue in my dashboard

    Has any solution for this been found?  or any updates for this.



  • Me too. Same problem here.

    Does anyone know anything?



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