Displaying a bar chart with filtered metrics as columns

Hi. On Data Studio, using the FB Ads Connector, I want to be able to display a bar chart with two metrics. 

This is simple enough if they are different metrics (i.e. cost per lead and total leads), however I can't see a way of doing it if you want to see the same metric, but based on different filters.

i.e. I want to show the total conversions for a product, by 'country = US' vs. 'country isn't = US'

This is simple enough using Google Sheets data grabber, but I'm struggling to see how this would be possible using Supermetrics and Google Data Studio. 

I'm trying to create something that looks like the attached.

I don't want to create two different bar charts - the value is being able to see the two metrics side by side, on a monthly basis.

is there a solution to this problem? Thanks.

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