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Merging multiple GA Accounts in Data Studio?

I need to be able to create a table in Data Studio that shows the same metrics and dimensions across multiple Google Analytics accounts and properties.

For example, a client has 4 online retail websites and each has a different GA Account or property.

I need a table that would connect and display metrics from all 4 websites in one table or chart so the client can quickly compare performance metrics. 

Is that possible with any of the current DS Connectors?


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Hi Mark,

it can indeed be done in Data Studio. Are your accounts connected to same Google Analytics login? If not, actually using separate GA logins and combining data from those in to same query, is not currently available. It should be in approx. one week from today.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Hi Jouni,

is it possible today?

Kind regards,


As long as you are an Admin on all of the GA accounts you want to merge then yes, it can be done with the GA Connector very easily. 

If you don't have Admin access to one or more of the accounts you will need to get that first. 

Great topic!!

How do I connect to my 5 GA accounts on a single dashboard, so I can show "Unique Pageviews" from 5 different URLs, but with the same header?

eg.: LandingPage A is one page, but has 5 different URLs (one per country)...

Landing Page A

DK: 1000

SE: 1200

NO: 900

DE: 1600

NL: 1100

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