Can Supermetrics replace "null" values with 0?

It would be helpful if Supermetrics could replace null metric values with 0 across all Data Studio Connectors.  I believe this would fix various technical and aesthetic issues.  

Is this something that can be done?

  • Thank you for the feedback! I don't know if this is possible within our connectors at this time but I will certainly pass that along to the development team.

    For now though, you can do this through custom fields in the data source to convert nulls to 0.

    Click Resource->Manage added data sources. Click Edit next to the one you want to modify.

    At the top of the field list, click the blue '+' to add a new calculated field.


    Give the new field a name and construct a function like the following, where yourfield is the field name you want to apply this to:

    CASE WHEN yourfield IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE yourfield END

    For example, I did that here with 'Website Registration completed conversion value' as it was coming up null in my report:


    Then you can insert that field in your report instead of the default one and get those 0 values instead of nulls.

    I hope this is helpful, even if it does require some manual setup.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • This worked btw, thank you.  Once you replace null values with 0, you can create custom calculated metrics too.  When metric fields contain null values, they do not work properly when creating new, calculated fields. 

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