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Hi all!

I'm Ha Vu from a digital marketing agency. We are considering to purchase license of the Facebook Ads connector for Data Studio, however, since we will be using the connector for multiple Google Account, we would like to see whether the Team management interface has been fully built and functional or not?

We would love to hear from you soon.

Thank you!

  • Hi Ha,

    Our Team Management tool is now available at (you need to login with the Google account that you have purchased the license for).

    It is brand new and does not yet contain all the functionality we want for it - we will be constantly updating it over the next months. It does handle adding and managing team members for your Data Studio team license, lets you see your current licenses and purchase upgrades and extensions for your licenses.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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  • Hi Supermetrics,

    it's great the Team interface is finally out there ! Is there any kind of documentation available? Right now - out of the box - it's a mess for us : we have Data Studio, Sheets, and Grabber licences, all of them landed in different 'teams', and we can't seem to be able to re-allocate them.

    Any info welcome. :-)



  • Hi Sebastien,

    Unfortunately, we don't have any comprehensive user guides yet but those should be coming soon.

    As for the different teams problem, let me check to see if there's a way for you to straighten those out in the Team Management tool yet (it may not be possible yet, but a forthcoming feature). I'll reply with steps if it can be done in the current version.

  • Hi Jessica,

    any follow-up on this one?



  • Hi Sebastien,

    It is currently not possible to change the teams on the licenses from the tool. If you can submit a private ticket though with the licenses you have an which team they belong to and what team you want them to belong to, we can help adjust those.

    -Thank You

    Supermetrics Team

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