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LinkedIn Ads: Ad Name

Would it be possible to pull the ad name from LinkedIn ads as a "split by" dimension? I'm not seeing it in the current options. Hopefully this is just something waiting to be added and not a limitation of the API. Ad name is pretty important for data analysis.


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me parece excelente apenas voy a empezar a usarla

de acuerdo, tiene que funcionar para los usuarios y nombre dado a los anuncios es muy importante

Any update on this now that linkedin ads is out of beta? It 's pretty critical to pull the ad name / sponsored content name. Thanks!

Any update? Sponsored Content Name is pretty critical for LinkedIn reporting. Cheers

Hi Clayton,

The dev was checking on this today. Hopefully he responds with an update for you today or Monday.

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team


Sorry for the delay. We have now added the Direct Sponsored Content name as a dimension in LinkedIn Ads.


-Supermetrics Team

Great thanks! I see it on my end. This is a very useful update. Thanks again.

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