Unable to Connect to Anything with new License

I bought a new license for a new email address with a new ID.  I've connected Supermetrics plug-in to Google Sheets and when I try to login to a first data connector (i.e. Google Analytics) it takes me through a continuous loop and never gets me connected.  The plug-in doesn't show an error for Google Analytics connecting but when I try an alternate connection (i.e. Google AdWords or DoubleClick Search) it does give me an error re: Authentication error.

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  • Hi Lindsay, 

    Did this get fixed for you? Im having the same issue. Super frustrating. 

  • no yet. :/

  • If you relaunch our add-on sidebar from the menu bar Add-ons: Supermetrics: Launch, do you still get the error?

  • I've done that twice now and it didn't help.  What next?

  • Would you be able to do a Skype call right now?

  • yes, i emailed you earlier... did you want to send me info?

  • We found this Google bug that is probably related:

    The bug affects situations when you're logged into Google Sheets with multiple Google accounts simultaneously. If this is the case with you, please log out of them all, then log in with just one, and then launch our add-on.

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  • That worked! Thank you.

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