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Auction insights data

Hi, I saw that you can now access adwords auction insights data by connection adwords to data studio. When will this data query be supported in SM?



  • Hi Joel,

    thanks for letting us know. We'll look in to it and when it's available in Supermetrics, you'll be notified about it in our monthly newsletter.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • i would also like to be notified when available

  • Hi,

    has there been an update to this topic? It would be so nice to have auction insides metrics in SM..

    Thanks and Greetings


  • Hi,

    +1 on this one !

    On top of this, if we may add Auction Insights for Shopping Campaigns, which is rolling out these days (not on all Adwords accounts, and not in all geographies yet). I don't know if it's in the API yet.

    We're in an SM for Sheets thread, but obviously we'd love this to come in the Data Studio version too!



  • 1 vote more to have the Auction Insights metrics via Supermetrics! 


  • Go on, Supermetrics! Just do it ;-)

  • C'mon its been a year...

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