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Website custom conversions from Facebook in Data studio


I just started using the Supermetrics tool to help connect Facebook data with Google Data Studio, its great but I can not seem to find the custom conversions as a metric in the list of fields that are available through this connector and therefore I can not use them in the dashboards that I want to create. Does anyone have a step by step list that they would be kind enough to pass on so that I can start seeing these metrics?

I read other threads and this answer seemed to be helpful for some:

Figured it out. It takes 2 supermetrics queries. 

1 of them is:

Select Metrics: actions

Split by Campaign vs Action Type

Filter Action Type: offsite_conversion.custom.1111111111111

This will give you list of campaigns with number of that custom action (New customers, for example)

You can use this to vlookup against another query that gets cost or something for your campaigns.

You can change it to adsets, etc

According to the above, can anyone please tell me where I am supposed to select Metrics:actions and then split it campaign v action type. It seems that I will have to find a custom conversion ID or number of some sort that is related to each custom conversion, please can anyone let me know where I can find this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards


Hi Manpreet,

Those directions you found are for our other product. Let me see if this can be translated into instructions that fit with Data Studio.

You might also try the pair of:

Metric - Website Custom Conversions

Dimension - Conversion Specs

That may reveal what you are looking for as well.

-Thank you!

Supermetrics Team


I'm having the same problem. My Custom Conversion ID from Facebook doesn't show as any of the lines in the Conversion Specs when I set that as the Dimension.

There are also 0 Website Custom Conversions showing, even though I can see 59 showing in Facebook itself.

Many thanks,


I realized I replied to the OP privately and my answer didn't end up here! Below are examples in Data Studio using the Website Custom Conversions/Conversion Specs method and the Action/Action Type method given in the original post.

Here's an example with Website Custom Conversions/Conversion Specs- we sadly don't use custom website conversions so our data is blank, but it should look like this, with the different actions listed as the spec.


For the Action/Action Type, you do this instead:


And at the bottom of the side bar is the option then to add the filter as mentioned in the Sheet instructions for "Filter Action Type: offsite_conversion.custom.1111111111111", where is replaced with the actual value for that acton type.




I hope this helps.

-Supermetics Team

Well it's fine that we can see a custom conversion as a dimension but what we really need is to see them as METRICS.

How can I see the following:

Ad Name


Amount Spent
Sum of offsite_conversion.custom.1111111111111
Cost per offsite_conversion.custom.1111111111111

A very simple but needed information

Hi 2XL Online, 

It may not be possible, depending on how the Facebook API exposes the data for the custom conversions. If using Google Sheets, you can use the vlookup to get these values (as described in the original post) but there's no way to utilize two tables of data like this in Data Studio, making it limited in how it can use these.

We can still have the development team check to see if this can be done - please submit a private ticket as a feature request from, describing again what you would like to be possible in Data Studio (assuming that is the product you are referring to) and we can forward that on for review.

I finally showed my Facebook Custom Conversions with "Actions", filtering by the ID, only the amount of conversions.

But I'm having troubles to show metrics like "Cost per (Custom) Conversion", for example. 

First, I tried to filter a new custom metric (Amount spent / Actions), but no results. 

And then, creating directly a new custom metric already filtered, but I did not get anything either


Does anybody know how to obtain this?

Thanks in advance! 

Hi Jessica Brock and thx. 

I have a ticket for this already, but I'm waiting for more information.

And yes, I understand how to solve the issue using Google Sheets, but I'm using GDS. 

There are many situations where we will need to use Custom Conversions instead of only the standard events specified by Facebook. For example I may only want to see and make calculations on Purchases for a specific URL or a specific produkt ID or for any other of the possibilities Custom Conversions gives.

If you can solve it making any custom conversion a metric without using filters this product would be super sweet and smooth to work with. 

I have the ticket ID and guess I will try to write back in the ticket as well. 

My best. 

Hi Everyone - we added some new fields for the Actions that may help with some of these conversion cases! 

These have been added to both Sheets and Data Studio:

Action Device

Action Target ID

Action Type (with Custom Conv. Id) <-the original field, renamed. Any existing report will slide over to this one.


For Sheets, it updates automatically next time you load the sheet. For DS, you need to refresh the data field list to get these:



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