MailChimp date range and accuracy issues


I submitted two questions, both in regards to MailChimp, two days ago and still haven't seen any responses. 

The first question was about date ranges. It appears the only date range that works is the last 28 days, however, we send our emails on a weekly basis, so that date range doesn't really make sense for me. In a previous platform I was trialling, I was able to pick whichever week I wanted to see the data for. Whenever I try to adjust the date range in super metrics it shows null data. I was wondering if you knew a way around this?

The second question was about the accuracy of the MailChimp info. I was a bit unsure about the numbers it was giving me, so I went to check in MailChimp and saw that the numbers were in fact wrong. I was wondering if you had insight into why that may be happening? 

Thanks in advance!


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