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I am looking for information on how to connect Reddit data to datastudio. I would like to monitor reddit for mentions for a reputation managment campaign.

Any Help Appreciated

  • Hi Travis,

    You can find our Reddit connector if you search for it under "Explore Connectors" when creating a new data source. You'll then have to authorize connections to Google Data studio and to Reddit (which is a simple check - no account required).

    When the authorization is complete, you can the set the Query type to "Reddit posts" as that seems most relevant for the type of search you want. Set the Keywords for searching posts to the values you want to look for, comma separated (brand name, company name, products, etc.). Set Type to what you are looking for recent posts, new, relevance, etc. Set number of max posts you want to pull under # of posts per keyword. And finally you can set translation if you are looking for posts in other languages.

    Ignore the other settings as those are for the other query types. Click Connect in the upper right to set the data source.

    Here's an example when searching for "Coffee":


    You can change the names of fields here if you like. Click Add to Report to finalize the data source addition.

    And a possible set of results in a table:


    I hope this was helpful. Please let us know if you have other questions or need additional clarifications.

    -Thank you!

    Supermetrics Team

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