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Queries are retrieving only 2 days of data

Queries were fine yesterday and now I enter and click refresh all and out of the sudden, they simply retrieve last 2 days of data! 

Help Please!

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I have the exact same issue!

All my custom date queries, no matter what i select as range, returns nov 22nd and nov 23rd 2017 as data.


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Same issue here. It just triggered a short while ago across a Google Sheet pulling in AdWords conversions... Glad to see someone else has same issue as I was pulling my hair out (what little is left) trying to work around it

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Hi All,

I checked into John and Peter's data as they provided some additional details, and when I replicated their queries to reproduce the issue, I was not able to get the same result - it worked as expected. I also did see that the original queries reported above were erroneously pulling just 2 rows when I checked the request logs, which was unexpected.

So I'm hoping this was just a temporary service hiccup on our side with processing these, as the reproduced queries are pulling full values now

Those that reported this, can you refresh the sheet and re-run the queries to see if they populate correctly? If not, then please send us a private ticket and give a temporary edit access to the file and send us a link to it in that private ticket. Mark the queries with the issue for example by changing the colour of the cells in to red.

-Thank you!

Supermetrics Team

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