Pulling 'Purchase' Type Facebook Custom Conversions Against Date


I'm trying to pull 'purchase' type facebook custom conversions against date and campaign ID. It does't seem to be possible.

I've selected the following parameters


Split by Rows=Date, Campaign Name, Action Type

I'm seeing every custom conversion except for 'purchase' type custom conversions.

They only appear when I remove 'Date' and 'Campaign Name' from the split.

This is quite limiting. This information is vital, and getting it split by Campaign Name, Date and other variables is important.

Your help here would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Ahmad,

    Can you test this variation instead to see if it gets you what you're missing?

    Metrics=Website Conversions, Website Custom Conversions

    Split by rows= Date, Campaign Name, Conversion Specs

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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