Mailchimp: Illegal Combination of List metrics/dimensions and Date

I am getting a Query failed: Incompatible fields: IllegalDimensionMetricCombinationException error when combining any of the list metrics/dimensions with a date dimension. The moment I remove the date, it works fine.

After investigating, I believe the problem occurs because:

-The list metrics/dimensions (e.g. members/list name) are not available via the [reports] API method which is normally used for reporting:

-Instead, the list metrics/dimensions are only available as part of the [lists] API method:

-Unfortunately, the [lists] method doesn't provide time range request parameters for Supermetrics to handle time-based dimensions (unlike the [reports] method which offers the [before_send_time] and the [since_send_time] parameters to do so)

Can you confirm whether that is the problem, and if not, investigate why list metrics and time dimensions cannot be combined?


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  • Hey, I have the exact same problem - any help available? :)

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  • I'm having the same issue. How do you set up even a simple query to show campaign, time sent, subject line, open, open rate, clicks and click rate? This is maddening.

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