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Using MailChimp Datastudio connector to connect to multiple Mailchimp databases

I cannot use my paid MailChimp Datastudio connector to connect to multiple Mailchimp databases - it will only connect to one at a time - when I select another it cancels the first connection - any one else had this problem please?

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I'm having a similar issues. I can connect to multiple accounts, but after completing authorization of the second mailchimp database ("MailChimp requires authorization to connect to data.") I get an error:  

"There was an error retrieving this Add-on's configuration."

Yes I get the same error with the data studio connector - MailChimp requires authorization to connect to data. The only solution I found was to purchase a Google Sheets licence - maybe this is why supermetrics set it up so you have to buy an extra licence!!!

still havent received any support from this post supermetrics after 10 days!!!!

I am having the same issue with the native data studio connector for mailchimp.

I have succesfully added 2 mailchimp accounts already. I am building a new dashboard now and have added a 3rd account, but am now getting the error when trying to connect the data source in data studio

Any solutions?


I have gone back to using supermetrics for Google Sheets for multiple mailchimp accounts - I just create a new sheet and new query for each account as it does not seem the data studio connector for mailchimp works for multiple accounts

Well this sucks! So this connector is rendered useless if your an in-house agency supporting multiple brands.

Nick - Question, do you then have to import the data into data studio manually?


Megan - yes it appears that the connector is only designed for individual Mail Chimp accounts - not agency accounts supporting multiple accounts under the one agency log-in

Not really good enough is it for a premium priced product!

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