Using MailChimp Datastudio connector to connect to multiple Mailchimp databases

I cannot use my paid MailChimp Datastudio connector to connect to multiple Mailchimp databases - it will only connect to one at a time - when I select another it cancels the first connection - any one else had this problem please?

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  • I'm having a similar issues. I can connect to multiple accounts, but after completing authorization of the second mailchimp database ("MailChimp requires authorization to connect to data.") I get an error:  

    "There was an error retrieving this Add-on's configuration."

  • Yes I get the same error with the data studio connector - MailChimp requires authorization to connect to data. The only solution I found was to purchase a Google Sheets licence - maybe this is why supermetrics set it up so you have to buy an extra licence!!!

  • still havent received any support from this post supermetrics after 10 days!!!!

  • I am having the same issue with the native data studio connector for mailchimp.

    I have succesfully added 2 mailchimp accounts already. I am building a new dashboard now and have added a 3rd account, but am now getting the error when trying to connect the data source in data studio

    Any solutions?

  • Nick

    I have gone back to using supermetrics for Google Sheets for multiple mailchimp accounts - I just create a new sheet and new query for each account as it does not seem the data studio connector for mailchimp works for multiple accounts

  • Well this sucks! So this connector is rendered useless if your an in-house agency supporting multiple brands.

    Nick - Question, do you then have to import the data into data studio manually?


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  • Megan - yes it appears that the connector is only designed for individual Mail Chimp accounts - not agency accounts supporting multiple accounts under the one agency log-in

    Not really good enough is it for a premium priced product!

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  • Does anyone have an update on this by chance?

  • I have gone back to using the Google sheets connector for Mailchimp - I find it much more flexible and reliable. Using supermetrix to connect each MC account to a seperate Google Sheet - then using each Google Sheet as a data source for Data Studio 

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