Facebook Custom Conversion filter by name


how can i filter custom conversion by name in my Data Studio Report?

I found just total website conversion.


  • Hi Dávid,

    Facebooks API doesn't offer conversion name data. So you can use conversion Id's as your filter with "Conversions specs" as your value.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Is it correct? Because it doesn´t work. :( 


  • Hi Dávid,

    unfortunately I do not understand the texts in your screen capture but it is working normally. a Recent test with a filter:


    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem and tried the solution above.

    a) when I filter the Conversion Specs by Custom Conversion the ID I've taken from Facebook I get 'No data'

    b) Website Custom Conversions show as 0 for any metric, even when unfiltered by Conversion Specs

    Many thanks

  • Hi Phil,

    please send us a private ticket about this issue and we'll look in to it. 

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • What I believe is happening is that the connector pulling the id for the generic custom event at is label lead. no custom conversion event id that Facebook gives to us for pixel events we create that have additional parameters.


    the generic id for this event gets pulled. All custom events that use 'leads' get counted under the Conversion Specs.
    fbq('track', 'lead', {});
    The id that gets assigned to a custom tracking event with an extra parameter like so cannot be pulled by the Conversion Specs
    fbq('track', 'lead', {content_name: 'Hello World'});

    The only way I've been able to pull the numbers for conversion For a specific event was using the Actions metric then filter by Action Type.  The only problem with that is i can't associate spend with the Action filter buy Action type 

  • Ryan, 

    Where did you find a list of valid action types so that you can filter that way. I'm trying to pull numbers for various custom events

  • hi.

    I have the same problem.

    there is any solutión. if my campaign comes from different platform.

    i used Website Custom Convertion, but they bring me (Facebook, and Google source, how can i separated.?


  • Hi Gonzalo,

    I believe that you are using Google Analytics as your data source if you're seeing Google as a source in your results as well? Try using Facebook Ads connector instead.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hello!

    I have this same issue, I cannot filter the different Action types by Conversion IDs. When I apply the filter it says "no data"

    -Juha Flythström

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