Triggers not firing consistently

We have a file with about 75 queries and it had been refreshing once daily just fine for many months. The last week or two, it seems to have a portion of those fail to run every day. No error message or anything, they just don't run at all and have a "Updated" date of the previous run time (usually the day prior). Is something amiss with the Schedule refresh feature? I've tried deleting the trigger and recreating it multiple times but this issue still persists.

  • Hi!

    We're sorry to hear that you are having issues. There are some known issues with triggers lately and we've been actively working to fix those. As a workaround, we have some different steps to try in this solution page that can help with this:

    The triggers I added don't work.

    If you've gone through those and nothing's helped, then please submit a private ticket to us so we can more deeply investigate your scenario for a fix. The bottom of the solution I linked above has a list of the information we need from you for the investigation, so please include that in your ticket.


    Supermetrics Team 

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