Is it possible to get facebook post data split by date?

Hello Guys,

I can't seem to figure this out: Is it possible to get data about the day by day performance of a facebook post? I need: Organic Reach, Paid Reach, Viral Reach, Total Reach, Engagement Rate. They should be split by (a) post id and (b) date. The task is to create a chart that shows the reach and engagement rate of a specific post on every single day in the specified date range.

I would love to see someone figure this out!



  • Hi Lars,

    I looked into this and I don't think it is possible. It looks like Facebook aggregates these values as "lifetime totals" - which I found when I pulled the data directly from Insights using the Export option for Posts. 

    This is what it returns from that Export for the column definitions - which seems to infer that they don't store this information by the day per post:

    <Cell ss:StyleID="s26"><Data ss:Type="String">Lifetime Post Total Reach</Data></Cell>

    <Cell ss:StyleID="s26"><Data ss:Type="String">Lifetime Post organic reach</Data></Cell>

    <Cell ss:StyleID="s26"><Data ss:Type="String">Lifetime Post Paid Reach</Data></Cell>

    I also wasn't able to find this view in Insights UI either - it only showed posts as 'active' on the day they were posted and also had the lifetime aggregates for reach values.

    If you found a way to show this data in Insights itself, please send us a screenshot so we can check that deeper.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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