no data returned info in my sheet

Dear Support

How do I get the Query Error Message "No data returned" in my sheet, so I know, when my sheet is not updated. 

I am quite sure I have seen a parameter I could use under Options, Advanced Settings. 

Can you help?


  • Hi Chrilles,

    Thank you for the feedback - you are right, there seems to be no centralized document with all the Advanced Settings available. I will follow up with the team to see if we can create this reference sheet and make it available on our site.

    Thank you,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • If you want to have the error "No data returned" in the sheet, you can add the parameter RETURN_NO_DATA_RESULT to the Advanced Settings box.

    For the future to find additional Advanced Settings, you can hover over the text in the sidebar UI and the tool tip will show the parameters available to use with that data source and what they do.

    For example:


    Thank you,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Humm.... Thanks a lot Jessica.

    That is a little hard to understand. The big issue occurs when I update an existing query where old data is displayed. That data is not removed, and when still being there, you are easily led to think that this is your new data, when there is no info about you last refresh didn´t contain any data. Especially when I do Refresh all or Automatically updates. 

    Why keep that missing update - or how to be notified - a secret? (Well, I know you understand. But feel free to forward my complain)



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