FB Insights error - community connector error: no pages/apps selected

Good day,

i am trying to extract data from FB insights using supermetrics.  I was successful in connecting and i can see the fields but when i try to create a table with date as dimension and "reach" as metric i get an error message:


Thank you for your assistance.

  • I am also experiencing this error. A week prior i had no issues but since a few days ago all of the score cards i have throw up this error, and any table i make gives me a "null" value. This is happening for roughly 100 accounts i monitor.

  • Hi,

    This is usually due to not having a App/Page selected in the connector settings, check that in your Data Studio:

    Resource > Manage added data sources > Edit (next to the connector in question) > Edit connection

    If this setting is correct and you are still experiencing issues, please post a private support ticket.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics Team