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Does anyone know how to pull the image URL of a Facebook Ad. When I look down the list of 'Split By' options, there is only the Promoted Post Picture URL, not the Ad Picture URL. This makes a difference as the image ration of a post it 1:1 but for an ad it is roughy 2:1. As a result, all our ad images are being cropped to a square picture and we're losing half the creative.

Is there a way to pull out the ad image rather than the post? I've tried manually editing the URL but no luck there either. There is a slightly different URL structure but it seems that each individual image needs to be extracted, you cannot convert it from the post picture URL.



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  • Hi Alex,

    at the moment it is not possible to retrieve other image URLs than the Post Picture URL. Thanks for the idea though, it is forwarded to our development team, and they will have a look if this would be possible to implement in the future versions of our Sheets add-on.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi! Could you please return to this problem? We have the same issue, we really need those pictures in our report. Thanks!

  • It's in Ad Activity -> extra_data -> image_url

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  • Yes, this feature is crucial. Both facebook Ad text + Ad image should be feasible to be loaded.

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  • Had this been resolved yet? I agree with above that both FB Ad Image + Text are very crucial for our reporting. Please respond to this as soon as possible.¬†

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay. We have now added "Ad creative image URL" as a dimension. You can find it in the "Ad details" section, along with "Ad title", "Ad body" etc.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics team

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