Does the Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel 2016 support automatic refresh?


I cannot find any documentation online, or within the tool.  Does the Data Grabber for Excel have an automatic refresh feature?

I am attempting to connect my Facebook Ads account with Power BI, and since there is no native connector for FB Ads, I am using Supermetrics as a go-between.  We currently have a subscription that we use with Data Studio, but Power BI is a better compiling solution for us.   That said, having a refreshable report that would pull in all of our FB Data daily into a single Excel table, would be invaluable.  

Is this possible?

  • Hi Jacob,

    unfortunately it's not possible to use auto-refresh triggers in Data Grabber (Excel). This functionality, as many others are only available in Supermetrics for Google Sheets.

    Data Grabber is no longer actively developed, so no new features will be added. We recommend Google Sheets for auto refresh purposes.

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    Heidi Virta

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