Please allow us to edit settings in a query without requesting data

My largest issue right now I have with Supermetrics in the Google sheets version, is that cannot edit settings in a query without requesting data.

For example I ran out of API queries using the schedule tool. I cannot edit the query now at all until I have more API query credits. Thus I am forced to turn off my scheduled queries OR satay up late and fix them before the queries causing the problem are ran again.

Here is the other issue.. lets say I wanted to make new queries and save them or schedule them. I would need to wait until the I have more API credits

Lets say I wanted to just run a report for 2 weeks and then change it back to 6 months without sending the query request. I can't. Thus I am forced to copy it and then make a whole new sheet or section on an existing sheet for a temporary request which I'll need/want to delete

Being able to edit the query and not request the data is a needed feature. I would not make it the default setting of course but an option.

I uploaded a video file showing the issue.

  • Hi Bart,

    you actually can change the queries to be ready for your next update but you need to do it "manually" from the SupermetricsQueries tab.

    If you have run the query at least once, it's been saved in to that tab and you can then edit the cells on it's row and next time when you (or trigger) refresh it, it will update to those specs.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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