Facebook Ads Query Failed: Cannot include certain metrics

Facebook Ads Query Failed: Cannot include certain metrics: 

Query failed: (#100) Cannot include social_spend in fields param because it wasn't there while creating the report run. All available values are: actions, ad_id, ad_name, adset_id, adset_name, campaign_id, campaign_name, date_start, estimated_ad_recallers, impressions, reach, video_p100_watched_actions, video_p25_watched_actions, video_p50_watched_actions, video_p75_watched_actions, video_p95_watched_actions, date_stop, publisher_platform, platform_position, device_platform, account_id

-- What does this mean?  Am I limited to only selecting those values mentioned in the error? 

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  • Hi Jillian,

    when looking at your query details, you have selected way too many metrics and dimensions in to a single query for it to work. There are restrictions on the data source APIs that prevent very heavy queries. Try getting only the metrics and split by dimensions that you want to see in the same batch and creating separate queries for the other metrics that you need.

    Please also note that if you select post level metrics, you can only use post level dimensions in the split by values (and of course time related ones if you wish) -and the same goes for account level metrics.

    You can see a good example on query building in here:

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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