Missing Analytics Data for Facebook in Ad Network+Analytics connector

I cannot seem to get the Analytics data for facebook ads to show up when using the Ad Network+Analytics connector.  Google and Bing ads will show both ad network and analytics data, but Facebook will only show the ad network data.

I've tried converting utm_source and utm_medium in the Data Source settings, but none of my attempted adjustments worked.

Any suggestions on getting Analytics data to show up for Facebook Ads?

  • Hi,

    it's unfortunately not possible to get the organic data from Facebook with this connector as Facebook has separate API's for paid and organic numbers.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Its not the organic facebook data that is missing, it is website traffic from facebook ads that is missing.  If we ran Facebook traffic ads and applied tracking urls in the ads, Google analytics would record this traffic as campaign traffic the same way it does this for Bing and Google ads.  The current data model excludes facebook campaign traffic from the Google Analytics data source results, so it looks like the facebook ads delivered ad impressions and clicks with 0 website visits. Google and Bing ads, on the other hand, show delivery of impressions, clicks, website visits and website conversions.  Shouldn't website traffic from Facebook Ads be included in the Google Analytics data too?

  • To be able to see the FB data connected with GA data, you need to have UTM campaigns set up. If you cannot see the FB traffic/conversions, it means that something is off in your settings between those two. Our data blending connector is designed to bring in the ad level data from FB and others in to the mix.

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    -Supermetrics Team

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  • @Jouni Hyötylä

    I agree but how can you traspose the GA Data in Data Studio?

    Currently we must manually search in GA the data by searching for the UTM.

    Doesn't Data Studio help in such a thing?

  • Hi! 

    Yes it does. Please use our Ad Data + Google Analytics connector to combine the data automatically.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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