Supermetrics Uploader - Bing and Yahoo Data Import - Google Analytics Filters Don't Apply

I've been using Supermetrics Uploader to Import data for my Bing and Yahoo campaigns for some time. I don't know if this is more recent problem or not but my campaigns are not matching up because of a difference in capitalization. My campaigns in Bing and Yahoo are in title case, i.e. This Is A Title. I use a filter in Google Analytics to change everything to lowercase for all of my utm_ tracker values, i.e. source, medium, campaign, keyword and content. 

Really I think this is a problem with Google Analytics. Data imported should be subject to the same filters as data collected with the Measurement Protocol. I've posted on their forums with no answer yet:

Would it be possible for Supermetrics to add a filter that would lowercase the content that we import into Google Analytics? It seems that it would be fairly straightforward to install. Maybe it could be a switch or a toggle at feed setup?

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