Scorecard widget errors in Data Studio

I found a bug in Data Studio that affects every supermetrics data source (I think), and I'm wondering if anyone has a fix or work around? The bug seems to only seems to affect score card widgets. The scorecards will return an error when the date range filter pre-dates the initial start date for a given data source. For example, if your first Facebook campaign started on Jan 15th, 2017 but the date range filter starts on Jan 1st, then the scorecards return an error but other widgets are ok. Other non-supermetrics data sources do not have the same bug so think there has to be a fix, but I can't seem to figure it out. I've tried fixes like the recommendations posted for a similar error with the LinkedIn connector (in the tips section), but no luck. Thanks.

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  • Is your scorecard comparing to an earlier date range? Because if there's no data for the earlier dates, it will then return an error

  • It seems like Scorecards are working with all date ranges now!


  • I forgot to report back that I was wrong.  I was looking at a shorter date range and thought the scorecards were working. They still show errors.

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