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How to automatically have "all accounts" in the "select account" section of Supermetrics?


I have a Google Adwords Supermetrics queries which includes many "accounts".  I have manually selected all my accounts related to that Data source, but every time I have a new account in Google Adwords, it is not selected in my Supermetrics query.  I have an automatic weekly refresh, but I have to add manually my new accounts. Is it possible to select a "all account" option for a specific Google Adwords "datasource" (or any other datasource)?

Thank you for your time!

Hi Tommy,

we've had requests for this feature actually before as well. So far we haven't managed to find a way to automate the new account adding in to existing queries but we haven't give up hope yet. Let's hope that our development team comes up with a plan for this.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team


Ok, thank you for the info. At least I can stop looking! ;)

I'll stay up-to-date if it ever comes out.


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