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Anyone connect Supersheets with IBM Watson / Silverpop Email?

Hey all,

Curious if anyone has had success connecting Supersheets with Watson / Silverpop? Or how we can request this connection for future use?


- Tim 

Hi Tim,

we choose the next data source connector in to development by voting results. You can participate in the voting at 

We keep adding new sources on a fast pace, and for example following us on twitter: @Supermetrics you'll get the info as soon as new sources have been added to Supermetrics.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Thank you!

Just submitted my request.

I just submitted my request for this as well. Any updates on BM Watson / Silverpop Email integration?

Thanks for voting. Next data sources that are under development at them moment are Adroll and Criteo.

If you're a Supermetrics user, you'll start receiving monthly newsletters which will tell you of the upcoming connectors and features to keep you up to date.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

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