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Custom Metrics in Data Studio Connectors not working properly

I would like to add values across multiple columns when using various Data Studio Connectors, like Facebook ads, Adwords, and Analytics, but the custom metrics do not calculate properly if any of the columns contain null values. 

For instance, suppose I want to add multiple actions within the Facebook Ads Connector, such as Leads (form) + website leads, the results will look like this:

Campaign Leads (form) Website Leads Total Form Fills (Custom Metric)
Campaign 1 100 20 120
Campaign 2 null 300 0
Campaign 3 200 null 0

Is there a way to convert null values to 0 or some other way to get columns to add up properly?


Unfortunately this is something that we cannot influence. Many people have been discussing about the same Data Studio issue at

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Have you guys tried replacing null values with 0? Metrics with values seem to work so it might be worth a shot. Replacing nulls with 0 might even fix the scorecard errors too. Even if it's not the answer, it might still be useful to have the option like we do in sheets!
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