Source (utm) and Medium (utm) not working in Data Studio Ad Networks Connector

When using source or medium dimensions, the charts return an error.  

"The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.

Community connector error: Error fetching AC results: Invalid Bing Ads field 'utm_source'. Please contact to get this fixed. When contacting support, please include this tracking code: zqRK1nYeETTGAOFIwTIte0oju10PsrW. If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

Error ID: 9f7b90f0"

I've tried many different metrics with no success.  

I've also tried configuring the utm_source and utm_medium settings using the following settings::


  1. default (no changes)
  2. adwords>=google,bing>=bing,facebook>=facebook
  3. adwords=google,bing=bing,facebook=facebook
  4. google,bing,facebook


  1. default (no changes)
  2. paid>=cpc,social>=social
  3. paid=cpc,social=social
  4. cpc,social

Am I doing something wrong?

P.S. Using the data source dimension works but it does not let me attribute analytics data to each data source.  I would like to combine ad network data and analytics data in a single row for each ad network, similar to Cost Data Uploads in Google 

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