Facebook connector custom conversions data for conversion rate and cost per conversion

Greetings to the community and Supermetrics staff.

I've managed to create a filter on Actions metric for a specific custom conversion and I'm able to produce a scorecard with that number exactly.

However I need two more scorecards for the conversion rate and the cost per conversion for that specific custom conversion.

I tried different ways, but nothing worked.

I was getting either wrong numbers or various error messages regarding mixing metrics and dimensions in formulas and using the filter for a wrong metric etc.

As this request can't be unique, is there a way to have as a metric the count of a specific event, such as the custom conversions?

If that's a default metric then it could be used in other calculations like the conversion rate and the cost per conversion.

Also, why conversion rate in other type of conversions is calculated with impressions instead of clicks?



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  • This has to do with the underlying structure of Facebook's data. The "action type" dimension is incompatible with many of the other dimensions/metrics, so filtering by action type will work with the scorecard but not in a table with impressions. The trick is to use the metric for the specific action instead of filtering by action type. Most of the actions and conversions are available as individual metrics so if you can't find the one you need, then it might have a name that's different than what you'd expect.
  • Hi there,
    I tried all the different actions and conversiones as metrics but none of them give me the right data.
    Did anyone find a solution?


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  • Any movement on this or has anyone found a work around for the time being?

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