Facebook Insights: hide_all_clicks metric

I am unable to find the hide_all_clicks metric within the Facebook Insights connector. More information about this metric is located here:

Can this be added to the connector, and if so, can you let me know when this metric is available? Our organization would like to develop a report that displays our Facebook account's new likes, new unlikes, and new hide_all_clicks metrics within a single chart. This would allow us to see the cumulative effect of unlikes and hide_all_clicks reducing our following on Facebook.

Thank you!


  • Hi Shane,

    We'll let our development team know of it and they will contact you once it's added to Supermetrics. Please note that fitting the missing metric/dimension to data source connector may take some time. 

    We appreciate your help with this.

    Best regards,

    - Supermetrics Team

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