How to combine datasources with Supermetrics for Data Studio?

Your product description shows that you can combine different data sources in one chart in Data Studio with your connector.

How? I simply cannot locate how...

"Cross-platform reporting" is mentioned here:

  • Hi Kenneth,

    you can find our cross-platform data connector from here: Please note that it's still in beta-testing and it will be officially released later so you may still encounter some things that are missing etc.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Has anyone been able to create this connector successfully?

    I am able to complete the first authorization but when trying to authorize Ad Networks + Google Analytics I just receive an error. 


  • Hi Caroline, I would like to folllow your progress on this issue as i am about to encounter the same issue between Supermetrics and Google Data Studio.  I also placed a comment in the Google Advertiser Community thread you created on it.  

    If i can contribute to the solution, i'll post here too -- best of luck with this!

  • What is the error you see? We're not aware of any login issues in the Ad Networks + Google Analytics connector.

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