Bing Ads v2 discrepancies - competitive metrics

I am noticing some strange discrepanices in some of the competitve metrics between the latest version of their API which is in beta and the first version. 

In particular, I am trying to get an overall search impression share figure between Google and Bing. This requires me to query total impressions from both Bing and Google, add them and then also query all available impressions from both Google and Bing, add them and divide total impressions by total available impressions. 

For Bing, the available impressions metric doesn't seem to work... For instance, for August, total Bing impressions were 1,171, but total available impressions on Bing were 149.. how can total available be smaller than what than the impressions we won? I can see by querying impression share % that in August, we recorded a 67.98% IS. Even assuming the total available impressions are to be added to total impressions for the true total avaiable (in this case, 1171 + 149 = 1320) it still doesn't match, as 1171 / 1320 = 88.71% IS. 

Using the original version of the Bing API, again querying for available impressions for August (can only do one month at a time with this metric) I see available impressions are 1660. So one version is telling me 149 and the other is saying 1660. And even that, while much closer, does not match the IS share metric. 1171 / 1660 = 70.54% IS, not 67.98%....

I realize this is in beta, but this seems like it could be a larger issue with Bing competitive metrics?


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