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Future queries for Adobe Analytics

Hello Supermetrics Support,

Supermetrics has proven to be incredibly useful for our internal reporting. Particularly, pulling data from Adobe Analytics into Google Sheets.

However, the biggest issue for me is that I can not enter/save queries for future dates. I would love to setup a Google Sheet with queries for the entire year in advance--that way I would only hit refresh (or schedule refresh) once a month to get the latest numbers and stats pulled into the sheet.

Currently, this isn't possible because you can't select any query dates beyond today. When manually entering the dates, it produces an error if the start date lies in the future.

For me, this issue almost defeats the purpose of the tool. Why shouldn't I be able to setup future queries ahead of time? Now, I have to go in and add a new query at the beginning of every month (because it can't be done in advance). This is almost as time consuming as manually pulling and entering the numbers every month.

Please, dev team, please change that! It's absolutely acceptable if future queries produce an error before the number is available, but it would be incredibly helpful if the query would at least remain saved. That way, one could prepare, for example, an entire year's report in advance and just schedule a monthly refresh. No need for entering new queries every single month.

I hope you understand and see the value in this.

Thank you,


  • Another major benefit is that you can combine Adobe Analytics data together with data from 30+ other sources. PPC, SEO, social, email, you name it.

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