SEM Rush Backlinks report only return 100 results

Any tips on how to set up a SEM Rush report for backlinks?

When I set up the report I select a root domain but the query only returns 100 results when in SEM Rush we get over a thousand?

Is that a limitation of the API or a problem with set up?

  • Hi George,

    You can increase the amount of results by changing the value in "Max rows" column in "SupermetricsQueries" sheet.

    If this doesn't help, please let me know.

    Best Regards,

    Harri Lampi

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum:

  • Hey Harri,

    Max rows was already set to 1000 and yet I am getting quite a bit less than what's available in the web interface of SEM Rush - any other ideas?


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