Filtered LinkedIn query finds no data

Hey all,

I am trying to query some LinkedIn data on impressions which is to be split by demographics(Job Title for example). This query works fine for the total impressions, but once I try to filter the data for different campaign types it does not find any data. Do you know why this could be? 

I have campaign manager access rights on LinkedIn.

Thanks for you help.

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  • Hi Toni and Support,

    I am having this problem as well,

    I can split results by account name and campaign name to show how each campaign is performing, and then when I add any demographic split by to it (while keeping everything else in the query the same), the campaign name comes back blank, which is why you won't be able to filter it. (See the picture attached)


  • Hi all,

    The problem is that most of the demographics data is stored in a separate end-point (aka Pivot, per the Linkedin API) and thus they are incompatible with the Campaign data. It can't support getting more than one pivot for most cases, leading to it blanking the information it cannot retrieve. I'm sorry that the API restriction makes it function this way - you have to then use two queries to get around this.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Support

  • The first paragraph from the link above says "metrics by demographic values at the account, campaign, and creative levels". Is it possible that both endpoints/pivots have campaign fields, but supermetrics only uses the campaign field from the non-demographic endpoint/pivot? If you look at the query parameters listed on the page, they have separate listings for the 'Analytics Finder' query parameters and the 'Statistics Finder' query parameters, but both sets of query parameters include a campaign field. The paragraph under accuracy also indicates that demographic metrics are possible at the campaign level. Thanks!

  • Hi!

    2 years ago it was the case that the only endpoints available for this allowed for one dimension at a time. The newer API has the two versions now, but I believe we are still only using the "Analytics Finder" one which only allows for one pivot (aka dimension) in the query at a time:

    We do have a story already in our backlog to look into supporting "Statistics Finder" as well with the ability to fetch two dimensions/pivots in the same query (note though that not all dimensions are shared in both endpoints). I will link this thread into that so we can update you and other users here when we have made the changes.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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  • Hi,

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    We are happy to announce that our LinkedIn Ads connector has now the ability to fetch two dimensions/pivots in the same query.

    There are still some things that do not combine due to API limitations through - we have made an article to cover these:

    - Thank you

    Supermetrics Team