Adobe Analytics Phonegap Plugin

Intending to implement Adobe Analyticalong with Phonegap so as to define the custom events and track the events of the mobile app . Can anyone suggest me the best way as in plugins to execute this along with the proper documentation to carry out the same. After digging more into this, the easiest way really seems to be using the plugin provided by Adobe itself. Though no plugin is necessarily needed as proved by angulartics  which also supports Adobe Analytics with plain JavaScript. The plugin however can found from with the basic instructions on how to integrate. Basically it should be as easy as just installing the plugin with then configuring the ADBMobileConfig.json to match your needs, and then you can use it like after you have attached it to your create, pause and resume handlers appropriately. The place I found the original link to the GitHub repository is this page about Measuring and Optimizing Mobile Applications.

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